Carbon fibre

Carbon fibre

This kind of panelling, of composite material, was the first to be produced by McLore in 1997. Key coefficients were considered, such as the specific weight of each element, collision-resistance (breaking load), factors of expansion, and the costs of the materials and of autoclave processing.
By combining aluminium honeycomb (6-mm honeycomb cell) and carbon fibre, we thus self-produce composite carbon fibre panels with unrivalled resistance and lightness specifications (weight is 60% less than the same flight cases when manufactured in aluminium or multilayer wood). Thanks to this solution type, this flight case is suitable for air transport, with a reduction of the “tare”, thus cutting transport costs.
Recommended for large flight cases.






Suitable for air/ship/road transport

Conformity with ATA 300 CAT 1 / MIL STD 810 / ROHS standards.


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