Energy Distribution Units

The L.V. energy distribution units  made by McLore fulfil the needs for temporary installations.

The standard of reference is CEI-EN60439-1.

Each powerbox is made according to the configuration requested by the customer.


Low-power L.V. energy distribution unit of the “Cube” series.

Every single “Cube” can be made according to the customer’s specification.

Example of 19” Rack 20He, wired, with dimmer, front view.

Example of 19” Rack 20He, wired, with dimmer, rear view.

Example of 630A distribution unit made by McLore

16 A CEE splitter.

Detail of the 16 A CEE socket splitter marked by McLore (available with the 16 A CEE socket outputs).

Power distribution unit with 16A Schuco sockets.



Realisable upon specification

Suitable for temporary installations

Conformity with ATA CEI-EN60439-1/ROHS


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