In the past thirty years, McLore has supplied the most important Italian and European theatres with “customised” flight-cases for Lightning, flight-cases for Stage costumes, flight-cases for Make-up artists, flight-cases for Production Office, electric distribution boards, electrified cables and bars, boxes, dimmers, etc…always trying to best fulfil the Company’s and Orchestra’s needs.

Since 2011 is available version R20 Mclore patented (Patent No. 1403801 of 31 January 2011) that compared to the classic version with profiles 33x33mm R5 and metal edges with external application, is ameliorative both in terms of structural and aesthetic.


Example of a flight-case for Make-up and Hair-Dress, dimension and configuration custom made.

Example of a flight-case for Stage costumes, dimension and configuration custom made, mirror insertable into the openable door.

Example of a flight-case for tackle, dimension and configuration upon request and for any type of tackle and chain length.

Flight-case for Make-up artists, dimensions and specifications custom made.

Detail of a flight-case, “carpet-coated” inside with mirror and led lighting on one side.

Mains input, 220v (detail).



Production and internal work customized



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