The insulated flight-case is made to safeguard the intactness of products that can easily perish if exposed to thermal excursions and temperatures over 5°C while handling and transporting.
McLore designs its own flight-cases for this type of goods by equipping them with an inner probe for temperature detection and a thermometer on the outer side for a constant visual control of temperature.
The type of goods protected by this type of flight-case belongs to the food, veterinary, pharmaceutical and industrial sector.
The structure of the insulated flight-case is characterised by a considerable mechanical resistance that guarantees safety even in case of heavy transport as well as keeps temperature constant for abt. 24 hours so as to protect products against any sudden excursion.

Since 2011 is available version R20 Mclore patented (Patent No. 1403801 of 31 January 2011) that compared to the classic version with profiles 33x33mm R5 and metal edges with external application, is ameliorative both in terms of structural and aesthetic.


View of an open insulated flight case.

Internal details of cooling tiles.

Detail of the internal extractable tray.





Production and internal work customized

Neoprene gasket on the whole joint profile, upon request


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