Corrugated aluminium

Corrugated aluminium


Flight cases manufactured entirely in aluminium meet all needs linked to special applications in high fire-hazard environments and fixed outdoor installations, and linked also to assembly of electrical equipment. These cases are also most appropriate when high flight-case breaking-load performance is required. The notable feature of these containers − which are in any case produced to measure and in accordance with the specifications provided by the customer − is that the panel structure of the flight case is obtained by a special manner of processing the sheet aluminium, which is bent to obtain the required thickness. The external finish is provided by fire-resistant plastic laminate or by embossed, prepainted sheet aluminium. These are the heaviest containers among McLore’s products. With no wooden components at all, this type of product is widely used for installations and equipment left outdoors for long periods of time (e.g. seismographs, oil rigs and control equipment for various processes). This type of flight case is fully resistant to atmospheric agents, salt fog and parasites.





Suitable for ship/road transport

Conformity with ATA 300 CAT 1 / MIL STD 810 / ROHS standards

Not recommended for air transport


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