Laminated multilayer phenolic wood

Laminated multilayer phenolic wood


Multilayer phenolic wood (six layers) is the classic McLore production material. Indeed, it is the material of choice for a vast range of models and of product classes. ATA norms for international transport dictated our decision to use a conifer wood, i.e. maritime pine. This is a markedly sturdy material with considerable impact-resistance, and resistance also to mechanical stress and atmospheric agents (rain, salt, salinity etc.). Furthermore, the material is properly preimpregnated with Hydroxyl Ebano. It is also subjected to phenolic gluing, and is therefore fully protected against wood parasites (conformity with ATA Fungus Test Method 508.1 Procedure 1). Externally it is clad with embossed plastic laminate either in colours − e.g. black, amaranthine, anthracite, yellow, racing red, electric blue and midnight blue or in aluminium foil





Suitable for road transport by carriers/freight forwarders

Conformity with ATA 300 / ROHS standards

Not suitable for air transport


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