Laminated fibreglass

Laminated fibreglass

 Starting out in the 1950’s, fibreglass was used to construct objects exposed to atmospheric agents, such as cars, boats, swimming pools, tanks, roof lights and telephone kiosks.
Given its excellent lightness, robustness and stress-resistance, fibreglass is also used by the aircraft, wind-turbine and sports-equipment manufacturers. Thanks to its resistance to corrosion in basic environments such as seawater, fibreglass is used to manufacture piping, tanks, silos and gratings etc.. It is also endowed with low electrical conductivity, and is therefore often used in the manufacture of housings for electrotechnical equipment. By taking into account key coefficients such as the specific weight of each element, collision-resistance (breaking load), factors of expansion, and the costs of the materials and of autoclave processing, and by combining honeycomb aluminium (6-mm honeycomb cell) and fibreglass, we self-produce fire-resistant laminated fibreglass panels with optimal breaking-load performance (conformity with ATA 300 standards). This is the most recent of McLore’s composite material solutions, providing an ideal balance between costs and performance ratings.
Recommended for large flight cases.



Suitable for air/ship/road transport

Conformity with ATA 300 CAT 1 / MIL STD 810 / ROHS standards


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