McLore supplies the range of audio analogue and digital multipairs cables Böring-cab,  used to manage signals under “Live Concert” and fixed-pose circumstances in “Recording Studios” as well as “Radio and TV Directions”.



Audio analogue multipairs cable  Böring-cab , 4/8/12/16/24/32 pairs individually shielded and insulated.

Multipairs cable  Böring-cab  wired with XLR feathering and multipairs connector of the MIL series.

Microphone cable  Böring-cab  MCL01 wired with XLR Neutrik connectors, available in various lengths.

Audio digital cable  Böring-cab and DMX,  MCL01D.

Audio analogue microphone cable  Böring-cab  MCL01.


Microphone cable  MCL01C.

Digital cable wired with DMX 5-pole connectors.

Microphone cable for wiring with XLR Neutrix connector.




Cables can be supplied in harnesses or wired, length upon request

Colour coding of internal pairs referred to the UNEL5 table

Temperature range supported by Böring-cab  cables :-20° – +70°


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